American invention and American values

Americans are tinkerers, we always have been. From the founding fathers to the 21st century, our national talent has been applied science. The American inventor is an iconic figure, enshrined in history. We’ve produced great research scientists, as well, but how research is applied is the force that drives the future. This talent for technology brought the United States to global prominence in the Twentieth Century.

Americanism isn’t about jingoism or slogans. Our patriotism is one of inclusion. The best part of us is our shared core values: equality under the law, freedom of speech and expression, belief in hard work, and the right to pursue a dream.

We are troubled by social and legal practices that contradict these values. Agnes Intelligence is committed to building a better future based on our American ideals.  We believe that the best way to promote our values is to live by them.

American ingenuity is poised to lead the world into the 21st century.

We are at the dawn of the Information Age. Recent advances in technology and infrastructure have opened the door to a world of virtually unlimited possibility. Looking back to the Industrial Age, it’s as if the internal combustion engine has been invented, but the Ford Model T has yet to be built.

One hundred years ago, during the golden age of American invention, individuals and small groups worked in basements, sheds, and backyards. By the Postwar era, innovation was dominated by large companies. Now, in the early twenty-first century, recent advances in computing and cloud technology have made it possible for small, agile players to come to the forefront again. The day of the basement inventor has returned.


AI and the world

Building American AI is in our own national interest, as well as in the interest of the world. The shape of the 21st century will be determined by the technology that is being developed today. AI tools are capable of setting people free or putting them in chains; those who build and implement these tools will be the ones who decide. The world will be a better place if it is automated with free speech, democracy and equal justice as first principles. Currently, many of the leading applied AI companies are based in countries that do not share our democratic ideals. It’s up to us to create and promote a framework for these tools that does not bolster tyranny.