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John H. Snyder


John is a nationally recognized trial lawyer and founder of the Manhattan litigation boutique John H. Snyder PLLC, known as The Engineer’s Law Firm

John writes and speaks about entrepreneurism, technology, the need for fundamental reform of the legal system, and humanity's need to grapple seriously with the coming AI revolution. John serves as personal legal counsel to technologists. He is grateful every day for the opportunity to help bring genius to fruition.

In addition to founding Agnes Intelligence, John has founded several other organizations including John H. Snyder PLLC (law firm), Qounsel (lawyer network), and the Agnes Institute for Law & Data Science.

John is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Brown University. He lives in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn with his wife, Amy; their daughter, Agnes (our company's namesake!); and a schnoodle named Hogarth.


John “Mac” Macartney

chief technology officer

Mac is a world-class data scientist with 20 years experience in machine learning. For the past few years, Mac has operated a consulting practice focused on using advanced algorithms to extract concept clusters from massive data sets. A gifted communicator, Mac has a rare ability to explain AI in simple, understandable terms. As Chief Technology Officer, Mac is in charge of all tech development projects. 

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Mac held several high-level corporate positions, including Chief Scientist at Cengage Learning.

Mac is a graduate of La Salle University in Philadelphia. He lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with his wife, Eva, and their two sons. 


Amy Snyder

Chief operating officer

Amy is a logistics master who oversees Agnes Intelligence's day-to-day operations and performs the indispensable service of making the trains run on time.

Amy's background is in the art world. Before launching her own art advisory practice in 2013, Amy was the director of several Manhattan galleries, in addition to working for a major auction house. She places blue chip art and oversees the complicated management of growing collections. 

A Manhattan native, Amy graduated from Amherst College and received her Ph.D. in the history of art and design from the Bard Graduate Center. Her dissertation explored the historical relationship of art with technology and engineering in the twentieth century. 

Amy lives in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, with John, their daughter, Agnes, and a dog named Hogarth.


Thomas C. Sima

general counsel

Tom has spent the last two decades representing early stage companies and entrepreneurs. Tom brings an intensely analytical mind to the esoteric world of commercial law and corporate finance. 

Hailing from the corn fields of Iowa, Tom speaks perfect Russian and is fluent in German, French, Italian, and Spanish (conversational in Mandarin). Ever prepared for the eventuality that he will wander into a time machine, Tom has also taught himself to read Latin, Classical Greek, Ancient Egyptian, Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, and some Akkadian.

Tom Sima is a graduate of Duke Law School and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He lives in Manhattan.


Lucy Phillips

chief marketing officer

Lucy brings incredible energy, positivity, and insight to her role at Agnes Intelligence. Lucy's primary responsibility is to engage the engineer community and to nurture a supportive and vibrant circle of friends, partners, and collaborators.

Drawing upon her experience managing eDiscovery projects for an elite boutique litigation firm, Lucy is also an integral part of the Agnes Legal design team, having participated in its early conceptualization.

Lucy graduated from Kenyon College and lives in Brooklyn.


Alex Barton

chief architect

Alex is a self-taught technologist with more than a decade of experience in information security consulting, systems administration, developer operations (DevOps/SRE), and managing 24/7/365 technical practices.

From a young age, Alex has operated a technical consulting practice that included sensitive assignments at major financial institutions, law firms, data companies, and other high-value enterprises.

Alex is a veteran of numerous startup ventures and has guided small companies through periods of explosive growth. He understands how to scale up architecture and support critical issues such as troubleshooting, migrations, outages, and security incidents.

Alex is an execution machine with boundless energy, a brilliant mind, and a pioneer's spirit. He resides in Brooklyn and enjoys yoga and meditation.


Brian “BMath” Matheson


BMath, veteran of 12 startups, brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to his role as an advisor to Agnes Intelligence. He is founder of Matheson Consulting, a technology firm that focuses on early-stage projects with transformative potential.

BMath has spent twenty years in the field focused on the development of mission-critical network infrastructure products, tuning large IP networks and server installations for internet applications, and creating software tools. He is a hacker who loves talking about technology.

Brian, his wife Judy, and their dogs Lauren and Humphrey divide their time between Manhattan's Upper East Side and the Hudson River Valley.  


Matthew Grossman

chief creative officer

Matt brings a creative and inquisitive mind to our AI venture. A virtuoso guitarist, teacher, composer, songwriter, martial artist, philosopher, and technologist, he specializes in finding and developing great use cases for AI algorithms. 

Matt lives in Manhattan with his wife and their two cats.