The Podcast Platform

solving the biggest problem in podcasting

Agnes Intelligence has developed the next-generation podcast discovery platform. Imagine being able to search for an idea that interests you and, in an instant, find out what others are saying about it in the podcast world.

Our platform transcribes the complete content of podcasts, and using Natural Language Processing and concept extraction, pulls up the topics that are relevant to what you’re looking for, and what you’re talking about. It’s the difference between doing a keyword search, and having a research assistant who understands what you’re looking for. Once you’ve selected an audio clip you can listen to it, read the transcript, send it to a friend, or comment– either with text, or by “Talking Back” to the radio.

The days of tuning the radio dial are gone. There are vast numbers of podcasts, more than 500,000 titles in 2017, and growing exponentially. According to Edison Research’s Infinite Dial 2017-2018 surveys, more than 25% of Americans tune in on a monthly basis, and podcast ad revenue has doubled between 2016 and 2018. Until now, as broadcast platforms struggled to cope with changing technology, this quickly growing market  has been critically underserved.

As centralized broadcasting has become a thing of the past, the door has opened to an explosion of creativity. The catch is, there has been almost no way to catalogue it, until now. Agnes Intelligence has developed tools to index otherwise overwhelming quantities of audio data, and make the contents completely knowable. We present information in a way that doesn’t just show you what you knew you were looking for, but what you didn’t know you were looking for.

Our podcast platform is scheduled for release on January 1, 2019.