Masters of Searching Unstructured Data



Agnes Intelligence connects the best data scientists in the world with industry experts. We create and implement purpose-built and ethical artificial intelligence solutions to meet urgent practical needs. We focus on sourcing, developing, and bringing high-value AI solutions to market. The age of automation is here, and the way we use new technologies will shape the future. It is our responsibility to build the world we want.




The AI Revolution Has Begun




Golden Age of Invention

During the Industrial Age there was a moment where the internal combustion engine had been invented, but the Model T Ford had yet to be built. In the present day, cloud-based technologies have gotten vastly faster, cheaper, and more scalable, making virtually deployed AI a reality. The AI and Information Revolutions are transforming our economic, social, and cultural order in ways we cannot yet comprehend or anticipate. As the world changes, Agnes Intelligence is committed to providing ethical, practical solutions that help people live in it.



Culture of Innovation


Our Values

The best part of our American ideal is our shared core values: equality under the law, freedom of speech and expression, belief in hard work, equal opportunity, and the right to pursue a dream. Agnes Intelligence is committed to building a better future based on our principles. We believe that the best way to promote our values is to live by them. 

  • Good partnership

    It is essential to our mission that our partners consider it a pleasure to do business with us.

  • Simplicity

    We emphasize plain language and transparency.

  • Intellectual honesty

    We value intellectual freedom and free inquiry as fundamental to the pursuit of knowledge.

  • Responsibility

    The freedom to work hard and create comes with the responsibility to stand behind your work, and the way it changes the world.

  • Knowledge

    We seek to advance the public understanding of AI and its cultural, legal, social, and economic implications.