The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Our Chief Creative Officer, Matt Grossman, wrote a survey piece on ethics, AI, and humanity at the center of it all. Here’s the intro to the article, and the rest can be read here, on Medium:

Artificial intelligence is one of the buzzwords of early 21st century culture. The advent of semi-intelligent tools is rapidly transforming human life, and at the same time the nature and scope of these tools is poorly understood. There is an immediate need to develop a practical framework for building and using AI ethically. In order to do so, we must clarify the nature of the relationship between humans, the tools we use, and the tasks we perform…

While the needs and values of different cultures vary a great deal, the question of what and how we automate is the same as the question of what kind of society we want. AI poses unique dangers and also great opportunities. Navigating this complex landscape requires that we keep human outcomes central to our thinking and design.

Lucy Phillips