Agnes Intel

Audio/Video Review

The End of Real-Time Review


 Historically, the review of audio and video files has been constrained to real-time labor. The process of human audio/video review is costly and error-prone, and these formats are extremely difficult to search and index. At the same time, there has been a massive, unprecedented increase in the volume of audio and video data for review, from multiple formats and sources.

Agnes Intelligence solves these problems. The same AI-powered search tools we use for text documents can be applied to audio and video, dramatically reducing the time and increasing the accuracy of audio review.

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Audio Embedded Transcription

Our transcription engine binds the transcription to the audio, making the original files available for review directly from the search results.

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Getting to the Point

Our technology lets you get right to the portion of the conversation you’re looking for, without the resource-intensive process of manual review

Agnes Search indexes and labels the contents of audio and video files, allowing reviewers to quickly understand the ideas in their data.

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AI Powered Audio Discovery

Best in class AI tools have been applied to the review of audio and video, saving many hours of arduous and error-prone real-time review.