Agnes Intel

AI Powered Review

AI: Augmented Intelligence


 Agnes Legal utilizes the legendary IBM Watson AI toolkit to dramatically reduce time costs and increase accuracy of the document review process.
Our unique technology and workflow were created by a top trial lawyer and a veteran data scientist, representing the state-of-the-art in legal tech.

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More than Search

Agnes Search provides more than just keywords; it indexes for concept and relevance.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools understand the contents of your data, presenting you with documents relevant to the ideas you’re interested in, quickly.

Data Mapping brings you all the information associated with your search, highlighting related concepts and parallel ideas.

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Unstructured Data

Automated data tools index documents without the need for human intervention. This provides an auto-generated table of contents for the dataset, without the additional work of having to identify, name or tag clusters.

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Concept Clustering

Concept clustering indexes more than keywords; it understands the ideas behind the words, bringing you the documents you need, not just the words you searched.

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Unknown Unknowns

Traditional search is good at bringing you what you already know is there.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Concept Clustering reveal relevant information, concepts and documents, even outside the parameters of your search.

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Iterative Learning

Our patented iterative review process learns what is relevant to you from the review itself; as you review more and more documents, the system understands what you’re looking for, and bringing you documents you’re interested in first. As you continue the review, the system tracks the documents that contain information relevant to your discovery process.

The Snyder Score is a metric for how many important documents have been reviewed. When the Snyder Score reaches 100%, you have reviewed every document that is relevant to your case.