Agnes Intel


AI powered solutions for eDiscovery


Agnes Intelligence began in January 2018 as a partnership between John H. Snyder, a top NYC trial lawyer, and Mac Macartney, an expert in data science and Artificial Intelligence. Agnes has conceptualized and built a novel and powerful data system that revolutionizes the way humans interact with unstructured data.

Law is a data problem. Agnes Intelligence has the solution. 



John H. Snyder

Mr. Snyder has nearly two decades experience as a trial lawyer. He is a graduate of Brown University and Harvard Law School and clerked for U.S. District Judge A. Richard Caputo in Scranton, PA. Mr. Snyder practiced at Proskauer Rose LLP from 2003 to 2010, when he founded his own law firm focused on representing top tech engineers. Snyder co-created an online professional network of Harvard Law graduates with their own law firms called Qounsel. He was motivated to start Agnes as he realized he and Mr. Macartney had the capability and industry knowledge to solve the biggest problem facing the justice system, which is that people cannot access justice due to extreme cost. Agnes was created to solve the most expensive and inefficient problem of litigation, Legal eDiscovery, using advanced AI tech. The Company has commenced a major marketing program to revolutionize how eDiscovery is accomplished. Mr. Snyder is responsible for the overall product concept and management of the Company.



John “Mac” Macartney

Mr. Macartney is a data scientist with over 30 years experience in machine learning, software design, statistics and data engineering. He worked for a number of tech companies including Lotus Notes. For 10 years, he was Chief Scientist of Highbeam Research Inc., which was acquired by Cengage Learning, a leading educational publisher, where he was Chief Scientist for another eight years building digital products. In January 2018, he and CEO Snyder founded the Company. He believes Agnes' core technology will enable the Company to disrupt a series of industries, starting with Legal eDiscovery. Mr. Macartney holds a B.A. in Computer Science from LaSalle University. He is based in the Philadelphia suburbs, and will lead an expanded NYC-based tech team. He is responsible for implementing all tech aspects of the Company including managing the engineering team and meeting the tech milestones set forth in the 18-month plan.