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Documents Just Got Manageable

Agnes Intelligence offers reliable, easy to use AI tools for searching unstructured data. Agnes Legal allows attorneys and clients to quickly understand the details of a case, and uncover hidden connections and context, as well as the Unknown Unknowns in any data. This delivers significant time/cost savings and increased efficiency to the review of documents and recordings, and a meaningful competitive advantage for legal teams.

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Big Data

Lawyers and their clients are facing an unprecedented data problem: the volume of ESI (Electronically Stored Information) to review has skyrocketed out of control, far beyond what associates and qualified paralegals can review.

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Beyond the Written Word

Electronic data comes in many different forms and formats from emails and text messages to social media and phone calls. An increasingly large percentage is in the form of audio and video, which requires costly, inaccurate, real-time review.

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Time/Cost Savings

Discovery costs eclipse all other court costs exponentially, and are increasing every year. Our sophisticated AI tools prioritize relevant documents for significant time/cost savings associated with document review projects.



Artificial Intelligence, Human Understanding

For anyone who has to review large amounts of data, either written or spoken, Agnes Intelligence provides AI powered search and review tools that extract ideas from documents and index these ideas by concept and relevance, all within a secure cloud environment. Unlike traditional document review platforms, which merely bring the user what they already know, Agnes Search uses more than just keywords; it displays the concepts that are relevant to the user, and reveals the unknown information contained within the data.


AI Powered Review

Sophisticated language and indexing tools understand context and relevance, bringing you the documents you need quickly and easily.

Cognitive search reveals hidden connections and unknown unknowns in your data.

Built-in iterative learning processes improve results as you review.


Audio/Video Review

Unique Audio Search tools expose the contents of audio and video recordings without the time and expense of real-time review.

Audio Indexing eliminates thousands of work hours and reduces human error.





Easy to use


How do you know what you don’t know?

The basis of discovery is understanding what’s in your data. Agnes Intelligence uses AI tools such as Natural Language Processing and Concept Clustering to sort and label the contents of your documents. It then displays them at the beginning of the discovery process, allowing you to see the complete scope of your project. AI powered review solves the basic problem inherent to any discovery project; how to search for information you don’t already know is there.

Agnes Search brings you the documents and ideas you need, not just the words you searched.

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